While serving in the US Air Force in the late '70s, Lloyd Marihugh felt the call of God on his lfe to minister the gospel; in his words, he received the call to "Teach My people how to live in this world." In 1980, Lloyd, his wife Deborah, and their baby boy Joshua, moved to Tulsa, OK, where Lloyd enrolled in Oral Roberts University.

In 1981, Lloyd and Debby became the pastors of Faith-Life Temple, a small Pentecostal Holiness church in Pryor, OK. They made their home there and continued pastoring that church until 1985. Their second son, Matthew, was born in 1983.


Faith Alive Ministries was founded in 1986, as Lloyd and Debby continued to preach the uncompromised Word of God in and around Pryor, OK. Their daughter, Kristen, was born in 1987.


In 2000, following a 14-month revival at their home church in Pryor, Lloyd, Debby, and Josh became active with a prison ministry team, sharing the Word and worship with inmates in three northeastern Oklahoma prisons. When, for various personal reasons, that team was forced to stop ministering together, the Marihughs continued the prison ministry.


In 2005, Josh got married. His wife Melanie quickly became an important part of Faith Alive Ministries, helping with transportation, praying for people, helping with audio/visual, and becoming part of the worship team.


In June 2006, Faith Alive Ministries became a multi-state, multi-location ministry, as Lloyd and Debby (as well as Kristen, following her graduation from ORU in 2010) began working and ministering on the Duck Valley Reservation in Idaho and Nevada. After a year and a half there, in February of 2008, they moved to their current location on the Tohono O'odham Nation in southern Arizona, where they have pioneered a church. Kristen is the children's pastor at Faith Alive Fellowship of Sells, AZ.


Meanwhile, in Oklahoma, Josh and Melanie continue the prison ministry as well as being active in the ministry of helps in their local church. Faith Alive Ministries continues the mission begun over 30 years ago, to overcome evil with good, to teach God's people how to live in this present world, to proclaim liberty to the captives, and to bring the Good News of abundant life in Christ Jesus to the First Nations.

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